The ultimate goal of an event weather if it’s for entertainment, promotional or formalization is to convey a particular message and cause the desired impact among the attendees. Fortunately, the new technologies allow us to make reality what until recently was only imaginable. Our department of major events and logistics is ready to assist you and help you in every aspect, from the location and design, to the assembly, the technology and the realization itself.


The dramatic, ambiance and architectural lighting has experimented a great change from the emergence of LED technology. This makes it present in almost all the events as it is the more amazing, novel and effective way-to transform a space and decorate it. In Sassot Sound we have bet for it, investing in it and enhancing the application of this technology.

Scenarios, structures and stages

Adapt a given space to the specific needs of the event requires solutions of all kinds, to make this possible we have dance floors of exterior and interior, pallets and scenarios of all types and structures to separate spaces, build scenarios, backdrops for scenarios and stands.

Performances and artist recruitment

In Sassot Sound we have a very broad portfolio of artists of all kinds, which allows us to offer you countless shows to comfortably enjoy as a mere spectator, actions that are developed inadvertently amongst the public where the surprise and interaction make the fun and the entertainment a sure thing, magicians, children entertainers, entertainers for the dance floor, infiltrated actors, infiltrated waiters, star impersonators, stand up comedians, presenters, speakers… among many others. We put at your disposal all sorts of musical performances, ranging from classical music with various formations and choirs, orchestras, groups and specialists in all styles and epochs, Mariachi Bands, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Blues, Reggae, Flamenco and a long etcetera to meet any need.